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How to increase CR by 55% and more:

Who are we?

Turum-burum is a conversion rate optimization agency that can turn your website visitors into customers.
We are the only Ukrainian company who has ever become a
Google UX Partner

We have our own approach to website conversion rate optimization, ESR

We not only just follow conversion rate optimization best practices, but also seek the best data-driven UX/UI solutions to increase website conversion rates.
Evolutionary Site Redesign (ESR) is a strategy of continuous UX/UI improvements (based on 13 years of experience in eCommerce) with the intent to increase conversion rates and enhance other KPIs.
in CRO
in UX/UI
13 years in UX/UI and 5 of them in CRO by using the ESR approach
by ESR
300+ interfaces optimized, 90+ of them by ESR
minimal increase
in CR
we are focused on long-term results
in CRO
in UX/UI
13 years in UX/UI and 5 of them in CRO by using the ESR approach
by ESR
300+ interfaces optimized, 90+ of them by ESR
minimal increase
in CR
we are focused on long-term results

What does the ESR process look like?

UX audit
Detailed plan on revenue growth:
  • 30-50 hypotheses with screenshots and detailed recommendations
  • Data Studio Dashboard to monitor main KPIs
Bost phase
Implementation of UX audit recommendations:
  • Eliminating mistakes on checkout, product card, main page, search feature, etc.
  • New UX/UI solutions and their implementation
  • AB testing (if necessary) and performance measuring
Continious improvement phase
Continuous interface optimization:
  • Continuous quantitative and qualitative data checks
  • Brainstorming or new business tasks from your side
  • Formation of new hypotheses and their prioritization
  • Creation of new UX/UI solutions and A/B testing (if needed)
UX audit
Boost phase
Continuous improvement phase
Continious improvement phase
Implementation of UX audit recommendations:
  • Eliminating mistakes on checkout, product card, main page, search feature, etc.
  • New UX/UI solutions and their implementation
  • AB testing (if necessary) and performance measuring

ECommerce conversion rate optimization examples

The following are some conversion rate optimization hypotheses which we have worked on:
Intertop (TR has increased by 74%)

At least 3% of website visitors (60 000 people per month) have tried using the search feature on the interface. This segment of the audience was very loyal since it has resulted in a conversion rate 6 times higher than other types of users.

We have studied search queries, checked the implementation on the website, and identified several problems.

The problems we have found were the following:

  • Search query categories were not loading such that incorrect search results were displaying.
  • The absence of a quick access feature to the goods category.

We have worked out about 20 scenarios of user interaction with the search bar and prepared a new design layout to optimize the interface for conversions. 

The transaction rate of users who use the website's search engine has increased by 74.64%

Veloplaneta (AOV has increased by 19.7%)

We started the project by optimizing the product card because it is the main decision-making point. Through the analysis, we identified a range of errors such as the following:

  • Bicycle frame size options looked inactive because of their gray color
  • Only a photo was available but not a photo carousel
  • The photo thumbnail took up too much space and moved the options selection and the purchase button too far away from the decision area
  • The "Related Products" section wasn't eye-catching enough

We changed the color of alternative options, prioritized blocks on the page, and added a fixed add-to-cart button for "Related Products."

As a result, the average order increased by 19.7%.

Infoshina (Micro CR has increased by 85%)

We began the project with the optimization of the product card since it is the major decision-making point.

During the analysis, we identified a number of mistakes with the key ones being the following:

  • The sticky product info, price, and "Buy" button were placed at the top of the screen
  • There were extra blocks which distracted the user from the target action
  • Information was disorganized

We moved the "Buy" button to the bottom of the screen on the mobile version for conversion rate optimization.

As a result, the micro CR increased by 85%

Let's improve your interface so you can increase your conversion rates
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Benefits of the ESR approach

Recoup costs in months, not years
You don't need to budget for a long-term site redesign. You invest gradually and optimize for conversions by improving the interface step-by-step and return the money spent at a profit. Sometimes the cost of ESR work is recouped during the first A/B testing of the interface.
No risk associated with the redesign
Users will gradually get used to the interface changes, and the conversion will not suffer. The step-by-step process of changes allows you to immediately validate the decisions made by comparing web analytics metrics and A/B testing.
No need to stop the evolution of the project
By constantly improving the interface, you offer customers relevant products, foresee their needs, make their online journey to purchase quicker and easier, and, thus, increase website conversion rates. This approach helps you rank among or get closer to the best market sites in your niche.

Our partners and clients


Turum-burum is a very cool team! Thanks to Denys Studennikov and his team for working on the project! You are the best

Vitalii Archakov
Head of the Samsung Experience Shop retail network

“Diana and her team supported our team at Reply very well in delivering personalization and conversion consulting to our enterprise customers and help us top scale up our delivery. The Turum-burum team integrated very good into our consulting team. Together we are working on delivering new optimization hypothesis, a/b tests, personalization campaigns, results reportings, QA with Optimizely and Adobe Target.”

Anian Leistner
MD & Partner at Portaltech Reply

“During a year of collaboration, we managed to eliminate most of the critical errors both in the interface and in the logic of some of the site's functions. This allowed for growth in all main site metrics: ARPU + 71.43%, CR + 55.4%, CR checkout + 128%.”

Maks Havrysh
Head of eCommerce at INTERTOP

“After redesigning the site, we managed to increase the transaction rate by 17.76%. In addition, the tracking issue has been resolved. So now, all conversions and customer behavior are much easier to track.”

Elizabeth Korostashova

“Our team is working with the Turum-Burum team to develop conversion oriented landing pages and service pages.

They are great to work with. Very flexible with our working hours (my team is based around the APAC region) and ready to discuss projects even the ones that are just in the ideas stage.

Looking forward to continuing working together.”

Frederic Chanut
Chief Innovation Officer In Marketing We Trust

“I have been cooperating with the company for over 5 years. During this time, more than one project was launched with the guys. I always seek advice and their expert opinion. They are professionals in their field. I am grateful for the new Techno Hedgehog site! It turned out really well.”

Artem Kravtsov
CTO at Techno Hedgehog

“Our team is working with the Turum-Burum team to develop conversion oriented landing pages and service pages.

They are great to work with. Very flexible with our working hours (my team is based around the APAC region) and ready to discuss projects even the ones that are just in the ideas stage.

Looking forward to continuing working together.”

Frederic Chanut
Chief Innovation Officer In Marketing We Trust

“The old website is outdated both visually and functionally. A decision was made about a radical redesign: a transition to a new platform and, in parallel, a complete update of the interface. Work on the project proceeded iteratively; all deadlines were met. Site KPIs have improved significantly. We did not stop there and continued to develop the project together.

Dmitry Malakhov
CEO & Founder at

“We have already been working closely for 1.5 years. We did both the design and development of the site with the guys. I liked the way they approached the client, that they delved into the business, his pains and tasks, and responded promptly to specific issues. They are always open to feedback and responsible for the performance of any work.

Roman Yovenko
Project Manager
at Dicentra.UA

“Turum-burum  made unique illustrations for the categories including a tile with an interesting shape for the main menu. We thought out all the transitions between the pages to the details. For a long time we could not decide on a new format for the presentation of our swimsuits. In this situation, they gave their expert advice on this matter. So now, they look even more realistic than before.”

Oksana Kopanitskaya
Executive Director
at Juliette Lingerie

The work and deliverables have all been of great quality and satisfy the client. As a team, Turum-Burum is reliable, consistent, and accommodating. Their accountable approach and dedication to providing strong work make them a great partner.

Roman Tyrykin
Senior UX Designer, Snocko

Thanks to Turum-Burum’s strong interface, the website has a net promoter score of nearly 10, and around 5% of the market is already signed up. The team is very goal-oriented and involved with their work. They keep constant communication through meetings and video calls

Dmytro Skrypchenko
Project Manager, Inseanq

Turum-burum's work drove an increase in the client's conversion rate and site traffic. Proactive and detail-oriented, they took the time to understand all of the available data to provide optimal solutions and explanations for the client's problems. They were supportive and transparent throughout.

Jennifer Tully
E-Commerce Manager, Sunuva

The client was pleased with the design of Turum-burum, and they confidently moved to the development stage of the landing page. Throughout the engagement, they communicated effectively and had a smooth collaboration. Their meticulous design also proved their professionalism.

Founder & Creative Director
Shopify Agency 🇬🇧

Your first step to the ESR is a UX audit

The main task of the usability audit is to determine the list of errors and growth points in the interface. During a UX audit, we connect different conversion rate optimization tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, etc.
As a result, you will get a plan and conversion rate optimization strategy to increase the project's income which includes the following:
  • This is a detailed report on the Google Spreadsheet with a list of 30+ hypotheses. Each hypothesis is assigned a level of criticality and given detailed recommendations. The conversion rate optimization report includes analytics, web visor records, heat maps, and target audience survey results. Example is here
  • A dynamic dashboard in Data Studio. A PDF example you can see here
After having a ready-made guide at your disposal, there may be several further variations that you should consider and they are the following:
  1. We fully undertake the entire ESR and conversion rate optimization process: from drawing-design of layouts and testing to their implementation and supervision.
  2. We prepare page designs so your team can conduct their own testing, layout, and development under our supervision.
  3. You carry out your plan of increasing your income and disposing it at your own discretion.
Are you ready to start your ESR journey and conversion optimization rate with a UX audit?

Frequently Asked Questions about conversion rate optimization 

What is conversion rate optimization?

Let’s start with the most popular definition of conversion rate optimization:

Conversion optimization (CRO) is a practical approach to increasing the percentage of users who complete a desired action on a site. Such actions can be: buying a product, subscribing to a service, clicks on a link, etc.

The major flaw with this definition is the focus on the numbers and the distraction from the users behind those metrics. That’s why we are more guided by user-centric conversion optimization.

The user-centric conversion rate optimization definition is the following:

It is an approach that focuses mainly on what drives, stops, and motivates customers. In other words, the conversion rate increased because more emphasis was focused on the usability which created value for the customer.

Why is conversion rate optimization important?

When talking about the importance of conversion rate optimization, you should keep in mind that a website provides a bridge between consumer traffic and the product. Considering the fact that eCommerce is not a static solution but a constant dynamic process, there are at least 3 reasons why it’s important and beneficial for a business to optimize a website continuously and they are the following:

  1. A customer-oriented design of the website converts more users into buyers while maintaining the same traffic.
  2. A user-friendly website ranks better in search engines and increases the effectiveness of driving traffic. 
  3. By providing users with a high-quality online service, you give them a more pleasant experience while increasing their loyalty to the brand .

So, if you continuously optimize your website, you can count on the main benefits of conversion rate optimization which include the following:

  • An up-to-date product that meets users’ expectations;
  • More loyal customers;
  • Higher conversion rates;
  • Influence on SEO.
How to measure conversion rate optimization?

A good conversion rate is the one that is better than your previous one. That’s why it’s crucial to compare the KPIs of your project before the conversion rate optimization process and after every iteration of UX/UI changes. 

The following are the main metrics to track that are bound to help you analyze conversion rate optimization effectiveness:

  • CR (Conversion rate);
  • Bounce rate;
  • Exit rate;
  • View depth;
  • Average Order Value;
  • Desktop/mobile/tablet metrics ratio;
  • ARPU (Average revenue per user).

Use this formula to calculate the impact of CRO on your revenue.

When to use conversion rate optimization?

There are at least three cases when you should use conversion rate optimization and they are the following:

  1. It’s all about the key KPIs of the website. If you notice that you have a good product but customers won’t convert, that means the conversion rate is not as high as expected and/or the bounce rate is too high This  indicates that there are some issues related to usability.
  2. When you implement some changes, yet they don't live up to your expectations, revenue, and so on.
  3. In case you haven’t changed the interface for a long period of time.
  4. In case you want to scale your business and increase your revenue.
How to do conversion rate optimization?

The purpose of conversion rate optimization is to increase the percentage of customers that buy a product. There are a lot of CRO approaches that you can use. However, there are some basic steps you should follow first. The following are some conversion rate optimization tips:

  1. Whatever the approach for conversion rate optimization you use, you should start with analyzing customers and their behavior. Then conduct a UX audit. 
  2. Build several hypotheses and conversion rate optimization strategies to start improving the interface according to the research results so you can meet the user's expectations.
  3. Eliminate critical interface mistakes according to the conversion rate optimization report, create new UX/UI solutions, conduct A/B testing and measure the results before and after the implementation of new design mockups.
  4. Return to the beginning and analyze your users’ behavior again and again.

This is  how conversion rate optimization works. In case you don’t have the skills to analyze project metrics properly, then it’s better to turn to conversion rate optimizers since they are experts in this field.

What is conversion rate optimization services pricing?

It all depends. Since not every company can afford to hire at least one in-house conversion rate optimization expert or conversion rate optimization analyst, the CRO agencies have been quite popular. A conversion rate optimization pricing depends on your project size, business niche as well as the agency and the service or pack of services you order.

The pack could include the following:

  • Conversion rate optimization consulting
  • Conversion rate optimization audit
  • Extensive research of the conversion funnel 
  • Heat map, click map, and scroll map analysis
  • Screen recording session analysis
  • Research with reviews and surveys
  • Competitor study
  • Creation of hypotheses 
  • Prioritization of hypotheses
  • Creation of new UX/UI solutions 
  • Testing landing pages using Google Optimize 
  • Running A/B tests until reaching some statistical significance 
  • Transferring the winning UX/UI solutions to the dev team for landing page updates
  • Measurement of Pre & Post implementation results 

Some other packs can also include the following:

  • Tracking the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of loyalty index
  • Conversion ROI tracking
  • Researching the geographical location of users
  • Improving the sales approach
  • Secret buyer research
  • Price research
  • Target traffic study
  • Lead Magnet generation
  • Conversion quality improvement
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